Web Development

Welcome! With 10 years experience backing us, Zenit Sys is a leader in web technology.

Through the years we've worked with most web technologies available and put them to good use in our proprietary CMS platform. Aimed at both small businesses and global corporations, Zenit CMS is a robust and flexible tool. It offers us the edge over our competition in terms of development time and maintenance, while providing you with the security and stability you need.

Matched by an unlimited bug warranty, our support system is open 24 hours a day to provide you with a secure and stable online business tool.

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Mobile Development

It's a sure bet the next 5 years will see a significant shift towards mobile software development. Many businesses are going mobile to follow their customers and you don't want to be late to this party.

Zenit systems is prepared to offer you custom mobile application development targeted for all major platforms: iPhone/iPad iOS, Blackberry OS and Android OS.

Our team of iPhone SDK, Android, and BlackBerry programmers can build applications for a wide variety of requirements. We stay ahead of the technology curve to handle the latest in mobile application development.

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Products & Services


Scalable and elastic custom hosting environments with private cloud located servers. Learn More »


Penetration testing and security audits on your online presence guarantees your business is secure. Learn More »


Complete systems architecture, technical specifications, performance testing and all support you need to get your system up in shape. Learn More »

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Zenit CMS is a solid and lightweight web application framework with a scalable structure, flexible enough to service small company websites as well as feature-rich web applications with complex business processes and data management routines.