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The Team

Our team of iPhone SDK, Android, and BlackBerry programmers can build applications for a wide variety of requirements. We stay ahead of the technology curve to handle the latest in web and mobile application development.

We've been working together for over 7 years and in time we've developed complementary skills, evolving toward the most interesting and comfortable area each has found. As such, we have a very healthy team of specialists in all active domains: from senior security and systems architects, developers with a solid background in desktop, web and mobile applications, to promising juniors just starting their careers.

We are proud of our team of problem-solving professionals.

Horobeanu, Dan

Systems Architect, Android Developer

Dan started his career more than 10 years ago tinkering with ASM code. For those who weren't around back then, ASM is as close to machine language as one can get. Fast forward to more recent days, Dan has built and managed a multi-million data mining web system with Amazon's marketplace, has a solid experience with Amazon's Web Services (hosting, processing), is a guru Unix SysAdmin and is our best Systems Architect.

Dan is proficient with Perl, Python, PHP, C/C++, MySQL and is skilled in process optimisation. More recently, he's also been showing interest in the Android Operating System.

Stanescu, Radu

Security Specialist

Radu has over 10 years of penetration testing experience leading now the Pentest Team.

He is a solutions-oriented IT Security Specialist with notable success directing a broad range of corporate IT initiatives while participating in planning and implementation of information-security solutions in direct support of business objectives.

Radu's hands-on experience covers all stages of system development efforts, including requirements definition, design, architecture, testing, and support in a secure manner.

Bratan, George

iOS Developer, Senior Web Specialist

George has been working with web technologies for more than 10 years and is lead developer for our Zenit CMS platform. In terms of web development, he is proficient with PHP, MySQL, HTML and JavaScript, among other. For the last 2 years however, George's focus has shifted more towards the mobile and specifically Apple's iOS operating system. His solid C/C++ background has paid off and allowed him to master Objective-C and Cocoa, Apple's native development framework.

George is now lead iOS Architect.

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