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Mobile Applications

Presentation Apps

Usually used to advertise luxury products, presentation apps are of great value to fashion houses and shops, car dealerships and generally most retailers.

We can provide a stunning visual experience, with a list of your products, pictures, details, map store locations and any layout you feel comfortable with. The content included may be static (hard-coded in your app), or dynamic (fetched in real-time from an online service).

Content Apps

Suitable for companies that deliver content: newspapers, magazines or blogs.

Our content apps are well organised and structured, include custom graphics and animations that fit your personal look-and-feel and contain rich text content with images, galleries, video or audio streaming.

Content apps are monetizable through single purchase, monthly subscriptions or advertising.

Mobile extensions of your online services

Suitable for online businesses, mobile extensions vary for each business and may include features such as data submission and retrieval to/from your online server, push notifications, data collection, file management, use of the device's GPS, accelerometer and compass to get geographical data and many more.

Send us the details of your business and we will get back to you as soon as possible: Contact Form.


We can provide games with product and brand placement for large companies, with an excellent effect in viral marketing.

Your game may include real-world physical models, gravity simulation, collision detection, custom 2D graphical content and animations, fantasy worlds and much, much more, imagination is usually the limit.

Read more about our Gravity Ship Game.

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