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We're happy to provide you with professional consultancy on your company's software problems. An expert System's Architect will review your current processes, identify key areas, potential bottlenecks, human error costs and build a dossier on your company before drawing up a plan on improving your business flow.

Contact us with your details.

Technical Specifications

Any software project starts with an extensive, detailed and comprehensive technical specs document. In fact, many projects decrease their value due to underating this incredibly important step and you need to protect yourself from it. Have a chat with one of our technical specialists and we'll draw the specs you need, complete with wireframe examples, layouts, internal processes, data flow diagrams and data structures.

System Architecture

All software applications - be small or large, web based, mobile or desktop - suffer from chaotic development, unplanned extensions and a lack of global architecture. You've seen small web apps crawl to perform the smallest tasks because of the same issue.

Zenit Systems is able to study and draw a scalable and robust architecture for your existing or upcoming information systems. An expert System's Architect will be assigned to your account and will take the time to understand your needs, setup an extensive documentation dossier and even supervise the implementation according to the plan.

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

Organic, natural, tailor-made SEO services are the best way to get real, positive rankings on the world's biggest search engines. It will help increase your visibility, attract greater traffic and garner better conversions for your products.

Fix Errors: We will go through your pages to find SEO issues already present in your site like missing pages, broken links, pages not complying with W3C standards and duplicate content.

Improve your website: We will then add organic value to your pages by making sure your titles are accurate and SEO friendly, optimize your images, create dynamic RSS feeds and create comprehensive XML and HTML sitemaps.

Off Page SEO: Last step is going off-site to increase the visibility of your application by creating positive press releases, submitting well written articles to related portals and blogs and post comments on blogs accross topics in your field.

Social Media

Our social media expertise can help you connect with your target market whilst also attracting a powerful new online audience to your pages. Creating and participating in the world of social media can generate a huge number of backlinks to your site, helping you increase the authority of your pages.

The implications of your campaign going viral across social networks are huge, and will help cultivate a massive increase in traffic. By communicating regularly and effectively to your customer base positively through social media, you're giving them a greater overall service which they will remember for years to come, telling their friends and family about their experiences with your company.

For more information about our Social Media Services please contact us.

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