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Penetration Testing

Zenit Systems offers a range of services that helps you identify the threats anf vulnerabilities present on your infrastructure and application before potential attackers do. Tested methodologies provide thorough results which ensure a clear picture of the infrastructure, application or web platform security exposure.

SQL Injection and XSS Attacks

One of the most easy to perform and common attacks used by malicious users is SQL Injection. If successful, the attacker is able to gain full control over your database, may delete or download all your data and compromise your business reputation. An XSS attack is similarly easy to perform and if successful the attacker gains control over your administration area and user accounts.

Our security experts will run a full scan of your web application and provide a report on all vulnerabilities found.

Security Audits

Our company offers consultancy and audit services that ensure that our clients information assets are handled appropriately preserving their confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Business continuity plans, risk management and security policies design and compliance are just some examples of how we could he≈lp your company providing measurable results.

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