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Content Management Systems

We understand your business changes, your content evolves with it and you will not want to call us for every update you need to publish. Using our proprietary Zenit CMS platform as a starting point, we will model your web application on a proven and stable framework, allowing you to change every aspect of the data you choose to publish.

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eCommerce Solutions

Open your business to the world.

Our Zenit CMS has several standard eCommerce modules which can be customized for your unique requirements. From product management, public listing, sales, payment integration, invoicing, order tracking and statistics, your business can flourish on the online market with minimal user intervention.

API Connectivity

The new web has opened the gates to automation and data interfacing on a secure server-to-server layer through the use of API's, public or registration based.

We are prepared to offer you any API integration your business requires. Provide us the documentation you have available and our technical staff will deliver an optimized and secure API client tied into your application internals.

Data Driven Applications

Your application may require heavy use of data processing and management. We can provide a custom hosting solution, backup and fallback systems, multi-threaded data mining architectures, automated actions to custom situations, notifications and any automation that will save you money and protect you from human error.

Presentation Apps

If heavy data driven applications are not for everyone, presentation apps and websites are a valuable portfolio resource to any business. They increase your business value, enforce your brand and provide an edge on the market allowing you to notify your trusted clients and potential customers of your latest news, promotions and contact information.

Multi-threaded online systems

Some systems have a backend so complex and power hungry that if not balanced properly will bring the front-end to a crawl and waste valuable customers due to poor experience. We study our systems behavior closely to counteract such situations and are able to provide custom processing solutions, usually by scheduling them at night when minimal operations are required, or moving the power tasks on separate backend processing servers. Public and processing servers are in constant contact through the use of internal API's, priority queues and status notifications.

Multi-layered Applications

We know your business is alive and evolving, requiring a scalable IT system to rely on. For a natural growth of your system, modular architecture is a critical issue.

Zenit Systems is a firm believer in modular development, data separation and layered architecture. All our web applications are MVC(*) compliant, separating the data presentation layer from the business process and data storage layers.

MVC - Model, View, Controller. A modular development approach.

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Zenit CMS is a solid and lightweight web application framework with a scalable structure, flexible enough to service small company websites as well as feature-rich web applications with complex business processes and data management routines.