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Technology: Mobile

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iPhone OS

By far the most successful in terms of adoption with a large edge over the competition is the mobile Operating System provided by Apple on their mobile devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Many companies have understood the trend and are now going mobile for their customers.

Zenit Systems offers custom native app development with the help of our staff of professionals, application architects and Cocoa Touch developers. Every app we make is designed to be easy to use, enjoyable and productive.

Any online business can benefit from the added value brought by a mobile app. Potential customers are able to browse your products while in the subway, on the go, submit orders and provide you with their precious contact details. If an eCommerce app is not for you, we will offer you a presentation app with stunning design and visual details. This will enforce your brand over the competition and give your business an edge it needs.

Android OS

Android's custom Java architecture is a perfect environment for our seasoned Java developers.

With Google's technology backing it, the Android OS is a legitimate competitor in the mobile OS market. More and more people switch to smart mobile devices and depending on your target audience, offering an Android version of your app may be a critical business decision.

Between the Android AppMarket opening payment options to more and more territories, and Amazon entering the scene with their Amazon AppStore for Android devices, this segment has a huge revenue potential.

Our team of experienced professional iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry developers will work with you every step of the way to provide valuable market information, statistics and suggest strategies for your unique business position.

Blackberry OS

Though considered the underdog in the mobile wars, Blackberry is and has been for the last decade a standard in business, productivity and security. Due to it's business bias, Blackberry's AppWorld averages an app cost of over 3 times larger than it's immediate competitor, the Apple AppStore.

Due to RIM's decision to use their QNX platform on both their Playbook tablet and new generation Blackberry smartphones, we're able to code one application for both devices, saving you time and money in the process.

Depeding on your target audience, revenues from the Blackberry AppWorld may be a consistent part of your mobile earnings. If you solely target Business Users or simply want to cover all angles, a Blackberry app is one of the top choices you need to take.

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