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Technology: Web



Every project we build starts with a W3C(*) compliant HTML document, obtained from the design you agree. This ensures browsers are able to render your content the way you wanted, in a faster and more reliable fashion.

W3C - World Wide Web Consortium, an online regulation body providing best practices and standards


For more demanding projects, the HTML5 standard is around the corner and we've trained our staff to handle the change as smooth as possible. If your requirements fit an HTML5 solution we will let you know and we'll make sure your web app is able to run on all HTML5 capable devices.


Due to development issues and the extra load in the page, we've decided not to support Flash development. Instead, we're able to provide the same level of service using HTML5, jQuery and other open frameworks for animations, streaming and most Flash features.

We're open to include your custom Flash objects in your projects but we're not actively developing, modifying or guaranteeing their behavior in any way.


For dynamic browser pages we're using the well-known jQuery javascript development framework. With a solid history and large developer user base, use of this framework ensures you will run on tested open-source software, will provide a lightweight version for your mobile users with all the fancy animations we've gotten used to.

For custom font rendering, our option is the Cufon open-source utility-set, which provides stylish personal fonts to any HTML capable browser without the use of Flash technology.

Scripting Language

PHP is our web development language of choice, due to its large user base, open nature, proper documentation available and fast development time. For routines requiring a higher level of precision we may employ the use of additional scripting technologies, specifically Perl and Python.

PHP also goes hand-in-hand with the MySQL database engine, opening the door for data-driven web applications.


The standard database engine is MySQL. It's simplicity, stable history and proper documentation is ground for the large user base adopting it. However, some projects may fit an alternate object-based database engine, like MongoDB or NoSQL. If this is your case we will recommend the best option.


Depending on the project requirements we usually use caching mechanisms so your pages load as fast as possible for the user. MemCached is the standard for fast data recovery, we may employ a combination of multi-layered caching system, from granular data objects to full HTML page caching.


For our best customers we're offering custom hosting services using private servers in the Amazon Cloud server farm. Based on each project requirements we may offer a load-balanced solution scaling up on multiple servers, with on demand automated growth to more processing power.

The 99.8 availability SLA provided by the Amazon team and our 24 hour support system ensures your will not lose money and customers with your online business.

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Zenit CMS is a solid and lightweight web application framework with a scalable structure, flexible enough to service small company websites as well as feature-rich web applications with complex business processes and data management routines.